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Web WiseCat
Fun Stuff Spoof guide to keeping dinosaurs at home, including handy hints on scale cleaning and how to keep a Pterodactyl happy in a flat. is an off-beat, cleverly designed, constantly changing site with unusual content that makes use of cutting-edge web animation and will keep you entertained for hours!

John Lennon It's amazing who you can meet online these days: The John Lennon AI Project is an attempt to re-create the late John Lennon's personality using a chat robot which has been programmed with his own words. Once the chat-bot has loaded, you are free to ask John whatever questions you like, and you might almost believe you are speaking to the man himself! More ChatterBots

laughing lynx One of the most amusing sites on the net has to be the Laughing Lynx. It's a vast collection of cartoons, sounds and jokes, which have been sent in by their audience. Literally hours of fun to be had here!

If you ever enjoyed palying the game consequences, then try creating your own Fantasy Love Story. The page asks you to enter several names and words, and then generates your very own fantasy story. The more ridiculous you make the words, the funnier the result! A great party piece, or for sending to your friends.

love@aolStill looking for the man or woman of your dreams? Well the Love@AOL Personals are completely FREE! You can browse hundreds of adverts, many of them with photos, and each page has the e-mail address of the advertiser so you can get in direct contact within seconds with no charges to pay. Have fun!

y2k joke Y2K is a silly software program that spoofs all of the Y2K issues. It simulates fixing your BIOS, mouse, monitor, and even corrects your calendar problems by changing all Y's to K's. This Y2K joke will have you laughing in your chair, you have to download it to believe that someone actually spent their time on this hilarious program! Download File (223k)

confession2000A novel scheme to get people to confess their darkest secrets in time for the Millennium has been hatched in Canada. Luc Merineau, of Montreal, plans to load the confessions, stored on a CD-rom, onto a rocket to be fired into space at 11.59pm on December 31 1999. For details and sample confessions see Confession2000.

KISS THIS is named after the world's most commonly misheard lyric. You can have great fun here browsing 1700 bungled lyrics: Songs that people have misheard with hilarious and embarrassing results!

tree lootTreeLoot is a highly addictive game where you click on the Money Tree to win cash prizes or Banana Bucks. In between, the monkeys give you hints, tips and clues. Anyone can play, and no registration is required - just click and go....

jokes2000If you're looking for jokes, jokes and more jokes then Jokes2000 is the place to go. You can vote for each joke, and the ones with the most votes are listed on the "Best Jokes" page. You can also browse by category, or select the random joke generator and there's a joke of the day and cartoons too. Not only is this one of the most enjoyable joke sites, they also offer extensive hints and tips on how to produce a great website.
funny FUNNY is an online comedy directory with links to funny stuff all over the Web. Categories include Jokes, Comedians, One-liners, Cartoons, Parody, Computer Humour, and Weird Stuff! A great place to waste a few minutes, or hours, on the net.

useless If your looking for trivia and useless information, then look no further than Here you will find a database of 6,000 "Trivia Factoids", plus useless quotations and fun Trivia Quizzes. The information is well organized, and you can search the database. If you are feeling daring, why not request a random factoid - but be careful, you might learn something totally useless!

Funnybox features weird cartoons, classic e-mail funnies and the amusing chronicles of Francis Alvin (that's him waving).

dr evilThe dastardly Doctor Evil is planning hold the world to ransom. He is demanding one hundred million dollars - or else! Visit Doctor Evil's Website and see Evil Pictures and hear Evil Sounds. And please don't have nightmares after visiting this website!

personal modelA new fun way to shop for clothes is to build a Personal Model of yourself on the web, and then try on different clothes. After building your model, you select your outfit from the store and then send your clothes to the changing room to try them on your model. It's much quicker than going to a real store!

Green Mutant MousePrehistoric Mice have been on the Earth for over 220 million years since the Triassic period which was at the beginning of the Mesozoic era. They are thought to be related to Thrinaxodon, the cynodont mammal-like-reptile. Three species of Prehistoric Mice are now recognised by modern day biologists, although the recently discovered species Stripus nipeus is considered to be semi-prehistoric....

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