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Web WiseCat
WiseCat's Top 100
Updated: January 2002:
  1. (01)
    This information packed site is built around a network of expert human guides and is now one of the biggest and most useful sites on the net. It keeps getting better and better.
  2. (03) eBay - eBay UK
    The world's biggest and best person-to-person online trading community. eBay is the place to find the stuff you want, sell the stuff you have, and make new friends at the same time. Anything from Beanie Babies to BMWs. More than 1 million items listed at any time.
  3. (02) CNET
    One of the original and best established sites on the web, CNET started off as a source of computer industry news, but has now expanded into a massive resource taking in everything from software downloads to web site design, as well as hosting a huge array of news feeds.
  4. (04) RealNetworks
    The Home of RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash. The RealGuide section is an invaluable resource for tracking great multi-media websites.
  5. (16) Neopets
    Neopets is an interactive virtual world where you can adopt a pet, feed it, play games, earn points, chat, create webpages, read stories, poems and a whole lot more... Very addictive, and getting your own Neopet is completely FREE.
  6. (05) - Amazon.UK
    The Earth's biggest bookstore with 2.5 million titles available for you to browse on-line. If it's in-print chances are Amazon will have it. No more standing in line, just sit there, punch a button and your book is on its way.
  7. (15) Britney Spears
    The most searched for female on the web. This is the official site and here you will find exclusive photos, videos, news and up-to-date tour information.
  8. (NEW) Morpheus - Music City
    Full featured file sharing application that has taken over where Napster left off.
  9. (09) American Greetings
    Hundreds of wonderful e-greetings to send to your friends and family. One of the best.
  10. (08) Blue Mountain Arts
    Send beautiful musical animated greetings cards to the people you love, completely free of charge. Just like in a card shop, you can browse the different categories. Even if you don't send a card, it's worth visiting just to look at this wonderful electronic art.
  11. (07) The Weather Channel
    From the cable TV channel of the same name, this site has everything you need to know about the weather. Radar maps, snow and storm reports, travel information, the hows and whys of weather - even gardening tips.
  12. (36) New York Times
    Latest news from the Big Apple and around the world. One of the more successful newspaper sites.
  13. (11)
    Customizable site offering, search, news, information, personal finance and entertainment.
  14. (31) STARTREK.COM
    The Official Star Trek Web Site! The starting point for all Star Trek information on the web.
  15. (13) ICQ Internet Chat
    ...ICQ ("I Seek You") is the hottest download on the web - a user-friendly internet program that notifies you and allows you to chat in real time when friends or colleagues are online. In terms of person to person communication, ICQ is becoming as essential as your telephone.
  16. (10) ZD Net
    The web site of computer magazine publisher Ziff Davis is a massive hub site for all manner of computer news and views, product reviews, free downloads, interactive investing, and site-surfing guides.
  17. (06)
    iWon is a US internet portal that gives out a prize of $10,000 every day and 1 million every month. A marketing technique that certainly seems to work!
  18. (20) CNN Interactive
    Generally considered to be the best news site on the net. Well presented, superbly written and constantly updated.
  19. (53) The Onion
    Hilarious and offbeat news site.
  20. (34) How Stuff Works
    Fascinating site for anyone who wants to know how anything works. Most popular articles include Car Engines, PCs. Lock Picks, CD's, Cell Phones, Jet Engines, Airplanes, Networks, Television and Dieting. A mine of information, and this well designed site is a joy to explore.
  21. (14)
    Super "streaming entertainment" site with movies, music, celebreties, animations etc.
  22. (61)
    The Place where Techies and Nerds discuss the latest computer and technology news.
  23. (99) Time Magazine
    Online version, with topical news stories updated daily.
  24. (17)
    Web community for women, for sharing advice and talking about almost any subject.
  25. (35) NASA
    Those nice people at NASA are deeply committed to spreading the unique knowledge that flows from their aeronautics and space research...A superb website.

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